Friday, May 11, 2007

Miss Party

I was invited to a birthday party for Refiloe’s 19 year old brother, Sydney. At one point I had a Gogo give money (if you give money as a birthday present you have to dedicate it) and ask me to be her daughter in law. Later on another Gogo (same family) told me the same thing. It was really cute and sweet but I don’t think they realize the age gap or remember that I’m technically already taken. Minor details to them evidently.

The party was amazing and I had a great time. I ended up being around the days leading up to the party and was roped into the dance practices. I learned all these fun dances and then the night before the party I was told to dress nice because I was deemed Miss Party and Sydney’s dance partner. I thought it was innocent enough – evidently that is the tradition for birthday parties.

Most parties have an agenda with certain people getting up and giving speeches. It sounds great but when it’s in another language it tends to drag a bit but at least there was a DJ and people had to dance before they spoke. That was definitely entertaining, especially to see the little (or big in some cases) Gogo’s up there. After endless speeches, dancing interludes and munching on shortbread cookies, names were being called and individuals were getting up and dancing for the entire crowd. I thought it was fun and then they told me that all of the people in the birthday party got called up to go, including me. Yikes – dancing in front of everyone as a white girl was a little intimidating. I mean, these girls have moves that I can only dream of doing – this hip thing they do is amazing and I practice but it may actually take me the entire 2 years to master it! So I ended up dragging Natasha up there with me and she showed me some moves that I attempted to emulate much to the amusement of all those watching.

Things were going well and I thought that being Miss Party wasn’t so bad, you just had to sit at the head of the table and look pretty and dance occasionally. Oh no, I was told as the MC was announcing my name that Miss Party had to get up and give a speech. Thanks for the warning people, all of the sudden it’s my turn to dance in front of everyone by myself and then say something profound and spectacular. I ended up with a mini dance partner, Leon, who was more than happy to share the limelight with me. I said nothing profound or spectacular but I don’t think anyone really cared anyway.

We danced our practiced moves, went and brought the birthday cakes out, danced some more and then this is where it got slightly awkward. Mr. and Miss Party have to cut the cake together. Like at a wedding. I giggled and went along with it – I was in a festive mood, why not? But no, not only do we cut the cake together; we have to feed each other the cake. Like at a wedding. AWKWARD!! I tried letting everyone around me know that we only do that at weddings were I come from and they just laughed. It’s a tradition, you have to do it is what they told me. So I was fed cake by a 19 year old boy and I fed him cake.

I must say, the memories I will take away from this place are completely priceless. There is always something interesting and funny happening. If you want to see pictures from the big day click on the picture below.

Sydney's Birthday Party

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