Sunday, November 4, 2007

missing inspiration

This is so frustrating. There are so many things that I would love to share with you but when I try to write them down, it doesn’t seem to come out right. I can’t put my thoughts together cohesively.

Maybe it’s my excitement about going home. It’s less than a week away now. I can’t formulate into words the actual feelings of elation about seeing my mom, my dad, my sisters, my new nephew, my brother (hopefully) the rest of my family, my friends. I just can’t put it into words that do it any justice so suffice it to say I am so excited.

I actually had an amazing bus trip to Johannesburg yesterday. There was no one from my organization to take me to town to catch the bus, so I got up at 5 am (not an easy thing to do), finished the last minute packing and cleaning and headed to the main road with my friend Rosen who helped me carry my bags. My friend Glenda was in the taxi and when we got to the taxi rank, the taxi to town was full and she asked if anyone would mind giving up their seat so I could make sure to catch my bus on time. A woman got out and let me have her seat right by the door which was great because my bag is slightly large (but not full, I anticipate coming back from the states with a few things…) and awkward. Besides the bag, the ride was comfortable, I wasn’t squished at all. The taxi driver dropped me off at the actual bus stop and it was only 7:15. This alone was a miracle – the bus leaves at 8:20 and usually I barely make it in time.

The bus arrived on time; we loaded up quick and easy and were on the road in less than 15 minutes. No break downs, no delays. They showed terrible movies but really, I can’t complain. We made it to Pretoria around 2. Here they made us switch buses, which was kind of odd – Johannesburg is only an hour away. I thought the process would take forever but that was also surprisingly smooth and very quick. I had a very nice conversation with a local weatherman, who is also a teacher and runs marathons – that was definitely entertaining. And then we made it to Joburg by 3:15. I have never made it once to Joburg before 4pm and usually it’s much later. I must say, I have new found faith in the transportation systems of South Africa. At least until the next interesting road trip.

Hopefully more inspiration will come again soon…

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