Monday, January 28, 2008

oh computer, how i love thee

Why the silence for so long? It’s very simple – I haven’t had my computer for the past 3 weeks. At first I wasn’t sure I could live without my whoobie – it gives me comfort on dark days where I can escape into it’s depth and work, play games, write a blog, email and most importantly watch DVD’s. Since about August, that was how I spent my evenings, just like turning on the TV when I lived in the states, I would pop a movie or TV show in and proceed to be sucked in for an entire evening, for multiple days in a row. I wasn’t reading as much or journaling and it bothered me. So when Jason’s computer crashed, I tentatively offered him mine – half hoping he wouldn’t take it and half hoping he would so I could be forced to survive without it. He took it and I’ve been doing absolutely fine. I organized my room, have read at least 4 books and played a lot of variations of solitaire (yes with a real deck of cards).

And I’ve written in my journal tons. There’s been a lot going on, no more than usual but instead of hiding it under the stack of DVD’s, I’ve actually let myself contemplate, mull over it and write about it. There are lots of times I won’t journal because getting lost in a movie or TV drama is easier. But I like putting things down on paper along with talking to people, it helps me sort things out and be at peace. It feels good to disconnect for a bit and put things into perspective again.

What I have missed is my music. Jason very sweetly (and maybe begrudgingly) loaned me his IPOD in return. Mine completely died while I was in the states so at least I would have some music to listen to during the evenings. It’s been nice to have, but our tastes vary, if ever so slightly. I love to dance and therefore have many pop songs (that he loathes) in my repertoire for the occasional solo dance session when I’m too hyper to sit still. I also love to belt out to artists like Alanis Morisette, Jewel, Dixie Chicks, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Alice Russell to name just a few. While he has a select few of these (Alice Russell and a couple Dixie Chicks albums) he by no means has enough to satisfy this Diva. So when the exchange of electronics is made, hopefully this weekend, I will be happy for the return of my security blanket as I’m sure he’ll be happy to be rid of the influx of 80’s music, bad techno and opera.

And just maybe I’ll be able to create a nice balance and not get too sucked in again. After watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 that is.

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