Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ridiculous day

I’m so annoyed I can scream and sort of did at a taxi driver just now. It’s hot and there are meetings to go to today so instead of walking to the post office I took a taxi. On the way there it was R3 – what I expected and I was glad for the ride because of the insane heat today. I was hoping to get a package or two and that was the whole point of the trip. Nothing in the box except a letter for someone else who had the box before we ever did. So I hop on another taxi and he charges me R5 this time. What?! Evidently the local taxi fair went up and it’s R5 to get anywhere now. And no, it didn't go up during those 10 minutes, the first guy must have just been nice. But what's aggravating is the post office is ridiculously close (but still a long walk) and I argued with the people in the taxi for a few minutes before storming off. People, I know you’re saying that it’s only R5 Christy - less than a dollar, get over it,’ but I can’t! Why would someone charge me R3 not 10 minutes before? And I’m a poor volunteer and this just means I can never take a taxi to the post office on a hot day again! It’s so frustrating! And then I get to the office and look in my bag – I forgot to mail the 7 letters I wrote! Really frustrating. So now I’m at the office wanting to check my email and post this blog and they ran out of units so the internet isn’t working. Sweet.

But there is a bright side to the day. Leigh and some other people are coming in from Joburg for these meetings and they are spending the night at a lodge near Hoedspruit. He just called to tell me that they would like me to join them for dinner and possibly to stay the night. So exciting. I don’t care if I stay the night or not, I’m jumping in the pool fully clothed if I have to. At the very least taking a shower. The boss just drove up so I’m closing up shop for now. Who knows when I’ll get to actually post this…

(I'm posting this using my airtime - I don't normally but felt the need to be connected tonight. And by the way, the lodge has airconditoning, complimentary chocolates/wine in the room and fancy yet rustic decorations and a wonderful shower. It started raining so I wasn't able to swim but the double gin & tonic I had and the delicious 4 course dinner made up for it. Plus I can't complain because we desperately needed the rain.)

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