Saturday, April 12, 2008

a few new roommates

Friday night Abigail and I watched a movie. Right before the movie started, the electricity went out. While I was sitting in my room waiting for her, I noticed a strange movement coming from my bookshelf area. I couldn’t figure out what it was and then while I was sitting on my bed, I heard it again. My headlamp illuminated all the places I was looking at, trying to figure out what the sound was when I saw a frog jumping around. I’m not particularly afraid of frogs but having one in my room, jumping around and making strange noises while the lights are out is not my ideal situation.

Like earlier in the week, I had a similar encounter while the electricity was out. The electricity has gone out every other night this week because of the Eskom power cuts. So for 2 hours exactly, I enjoy the candlelit silence and read or watch a movie on my lap top till the battery dies. Anyway, after the electricity went out, I heard this fluttering sound above my head. It stopped and then started again so I got my headlamp to see what was and all I saw was a flurry of wings and these glowing eyes; this thing kept darting back and forth and I couldn’t figure out what it was but those eyes really creeped me out! Finally it settled down right on the wood beam and I got a good look, it was a huge moth. I was uneasy with it being in my room but there was no way I could kill it because it’s so much like a butterfly. So I settled down and only jumped a few more times until I got used to the occasional fluttering. It’s been in my room for a few days and we’ve become friends. He came to sit on my chair so I was able to get a good picture of my newest roommate.

Later in the week I pulled down some Tupperware and found a couple of baby lizards that had hatched in the tub. They were so cute and I’m not especially grossed out by lizards either so I had no problem with them staying. They eat little bugs anyway so I think they are good to keep around.

But a frog is where I draw the line. He could jump on me in the middle of the night and then I could end up with a huge wart on my face! No really, there is no way he was staying in my room; there is just not enough space in here for me, a gigantic moth, some lizards AND a frog.

Abigail finally came over to watch the movie and I told her about the frog debacle. I wasn’t going to kill it but she clearly liked the idea of a frog watching the movie with us even less than I did. Most black Africans I’ve encountered are afraid of frogs for some reason. We devised a plan to catch him involving two cups and a lot of giggling. He was quiet for a bit so we started to watch Transformers. We heard the noise and when my headlamp shone on him, only his little head was sticking out from under the bookcase. Not enough of him to catch. We left him alone for another few minutes and then he came bounding out of his hiding spot. Calmly, so I wouldn’t scare him into jumping on me, I covered him with the cup, found a piece of paper, slid it under and then found the farthest place from my room where I et him free.

So far no other things have decided to move in and I’m hoping that it stays that way. Winter’s coming so I hope that means that the bugs take a holiday!

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You find so much adventure in your day to day life.
Mary Alice