Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a gross story

On Sunday I spent something like 12 hours cleaning my room from top to bottom to make sure it's ready for my sisters visit in July. Plus, I hadn't cleaned my room, I mean really clean, in a really long time so I was over due. I had noticed a few cockroach infestations that I wanted to eradicate for my sake as well as my sisters. While I was cleaning I had a few gagging moments when I discovered a new hiding places for the disgusting little suckers (at least they are the little ones, not the big ones) - in a six pack of bottled water and my duffel bags were by far the worst. I'm sure my neighbors wondered what the crazy white woman was doing outside: I kept throwing the bags against the ground to get all them out and then danced around stepping on as many as possible. After I moved everything out of the room and swept 9 times and got on my hands and knees to scrub the floor, I sprinkled Blue Death all around the edges of the room and in strategic places. Blue Death is supposed to be amazing and help keep all kinds of critters away.

I woke up today and bathed (not the gross part, I do bathe regularly) and washed my hair. It was really freakin' cold so I decided to blow dry my hair. I haven't used my dryer probably since last September. After I turned it on I smelled something a little funny. I quickly turned the thing off and shook it – only to have a few last straggling cockroaches come tumbling out. DISGUSTING! I screamed, jumped around trying to stomp and kill them before they scurried away to find a new hiding place. I banged the dryer against the floor for 10 minutes before I was convinced that no more were coming out and that it was ok to blow dry my hair again.

What a way to start my day!

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Anonymous said...

Your adventures never cease to amaze me. Love and miss you, Mary Alice