Sunday, July 20, 2008

the ring

It’s a great story of how Jason procured the ring so I have to share. Evidently Jason had been thinking about proposing for about 7 months prior to flying to the states in June. He went home with the intention of asking his mother if he could use his grandmother’s rings. The first night he’s in town, he was out with his parents at a wedding reception and his dad asks if he’s seen what they’ve done with Momar’s rings; they had them reset with some of Ann Marie’s diamonds. Clearly that option was out so Jason told them his plan and they made an appointment to see a jeweler right before he was going to leave.

Before he had a chance to go, out of the clear blue my mom emailed him and said that she didn’t want to be pushy but that she knows we’ve been talking about the future and marriage. All she wanted to do was offer Jason her mother’s rings for whenever the time was right. He said that when he got that email all he could do was laugh. He called my parents a few hours later and they got a huge shock (and were supremely happy) when he revealed his plan and asked for their blessing.

After Jason proposed and we were back in the comforts of the backpackers, we called my parents (actually, we texted them and they called us back) and they were ecstatic. My mom said that when Jason called it was a big shock but they were excited and she immediately told everyone else in the family but of course everyone was sworn to secrecy. She said that after Dad hung up the phone he had the same dazed look on his face that he had the day my mom told him she was preggars with Teresa (who was a COMPLETE surprise). Two daughters engaged at once – who would ever have thought that would happen?! I’m sure my dad never dreamed of it but they are excited and seem open to having one of those weddings in Puerto Rico.

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Nattyvonne said...

ahhh. awesome!
and i just came from puerto rico- lovely!
congrats again :)