Thursday, October 9, 2008

have some catching up to do...

Well it's been awhile sad to say but for good reason - I have been living it up post peace corps by traveling to Namibia with my PC friend Kristen and her younger sister Lindsey, who strangely enough has the exact same b-day as Katie and was born the same year - so it was like having Katie around only Lindsey is blond and she got us hooked on the "that's what she said" theme of the trip. There are tons of stories and I won't pretend to go into them all right now - I've only just returned and am sitting at an internet cafe in cape town with only a few more minutes before my time expires (or Kristen, she likes to go to bed early). So don't give up on me friends and family - I'll be sharing a few key stories in the next week while I'm hanging out at Jason's place before I head back to the states on 23 Oct.

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