Saturday, April 10, 2010

beach day

While Jason's working…I'm playing. I've managed to read and research schools, consulting and writing a business plan in the meantime, but mostly, the last few weeks have felt indulgent, which is nice. I try not to rub it in too much…that is a perk of being jobless so I'm looking on the bright side and taking advantage while I can.

Friday I saw dolphins, tons and tons of dolphins jumping in the water. It was amazing and motivated me to make a picnic lunch and set up shop on the beach to soak up some sun and test out the water. I tested the water up to my thighs and that was as far as I could go - I guess I got spoiled in PR because I could not handle the icy waters, even though there were plenty of others out there brave enough to do it! I enjoyed the day anyway!

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Tynan said...

YOU are beautiful! One of these days we'll work on our tans on the same beach! I love you!