Thursday, September 20, 2007

mourning harry potter

Per my Uncle Bob’s request, I am trying to be more consistent about writing blogs. Really, some days are filled with nothing interesting to talk about so maybe I can fill you with more of the random thoughts that fill my head instead…

…Like Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, have read his books from the beginning. I’ve barely been able to keep my eyes from skipping over words so I can get through the exciting parts of the books. Harry and me, we’re old friends.

From the moment I got home with the package my mother sent with the last book and other goodies (LOVED the granola bars mom!) I couldn’t put it down. When I had the really rough day last week, I think part of it was that I just finished reading the last part of Harry Potter’s story. After closing the book and feeling a little sad about the end of something great, I just couldn’t take it when all the real world stuff came raining down on my shoulders. I had to cry to let it out. I mourned for lots of stuff and honestly, I think a few tears were for Harry Potter and the end of his story.

Before you judge me as being completely insane and a touch too emotional, you have to actually try and put yourself in my shoes. Although, overall, I enjoy my life here, it’s hard and some times, I just need to escape reality. Ok, a lot of times. I have always loved books but since I’ve been here I devour them, can’t get enough of them. I submerge myself whole heartedly into a story, I get attached to the characters, try and see myself in different parts of their stories. Every old house that is described somehow ends up being 103, my grandparents house, and the best friends or supporting characters, I see my own friends faces. Every story I read, even those that are no where close to me or who I am or where I came from, something draws me in (unless it’s a really bad book like The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen – for the life of me I can’t finish this book. I’ve attempted it twice now but the characters are just deplorable) and makes me fall in love. It could just be the way the author is able to find a beautiful way of stringing words together even if I don’t care for the plot.

After each book concludes, after the characters find their closure and are set free, I’m sad to see their stories come to an end. Apart of me laments the finish of every good book; I just don’t want the story to end. Like Harry Potter and all of his adventures. He fought evil, over came it and then lived happily ever after. Who doesn’t want their own story book ending and an end to all of the wickedness in the world? Of course I’m going to mourn; we still have a long way to go.

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Jason said...

Thanks for ruining the end for me!