Wednesday, September 26, 2007

teaching nerdiness

Although my time is filled with day dreams of my trip home in November, I am trying to be productive and get a few things accomplished to stick to my goals for year 2 of my PC experience.

As of the 21st, I commenced my second year of service. I’ve had my awakening and have made a list of my goals for the next year.

Map murals at each centre (6 total)
Art projects started at Butswana, Worcester and Moshate centres
Continued art projects at each centre
Drama competitions – submit best story to Scenarios From Africa

It seems small at first glance but then knowing how time consuming simple tasks can be, I’m not going to try and beef it up for aesthetics sake. Quality over quantity…

Last week I was at one of the offices helping Susan, one of my counterparts, to balance the cash book. She had been recording the information just in a notebook so I showed her how to do it in excel. After showing her the formulas and then helping her figure out where the problem was, she was so happy. I helped her to simplify her job and she was so excited and gave me a huge hug. Just to see her smile like that made my day. And sharing my nerdy computer knowledge made me feel good too. I am doing something to help. Today I showed her more things on her computer and she was just as happy and open to learning.

And then she told me I should stay till the end of PhediĊĦang because I am so helpful. I feel wanted, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I needed that.

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