Saturday, December 29, 2007

holiday life

This holiday I’m down in the Western Cape again, staying in a small apartment above a garage on the side of a mountain in Simon’s Town. As I write this, I’m sitting in front of a big picture window that over looks the bay and mountains off in the distance. Two weeks of this and I’m not sure I’ll want to go back to work. The woman Jason is working with has graciously let him stay with her for a bit. So we have a gorgeous view, a free place to stay and a two week holiday with no agenda. Life is good.

Being in Simon’s Town is almost like being in a different country. All of the houses are open and airy – no huge fences to keep people out, no security bars on the windows and no electric fencing. I haven’t quite figured out why it’s so different down here. There are some crimes that I have heard of, like ATM fraud but overall, no apparent violence. It’s refreshing but also a bit sad that other parts of the country have to live behind walls. If I could set up shop here, next to the ocean with a gorgeous view and a peace of mind that you really can’t find in other areas of the country, then maybe I could stay in this country longer than I anticipated. But that decision is still off in the distance to be made at a later time. For now, I’m just enjoying the freedom and simplicity that holiday life brings.

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