Sunday, May 18, 2008

fit for a princess (or punkin)

I’m exhausted but today was a good day. We had a big fundraiser for Phedišang and even though I maybe didn’t get up super early or have a ton of jobs, just being ‘on’ and worrying about everything can be taxing. Plus, I was on my feet all day. It was a Family Fun Day and we had a jumping castle, a big blow up slide, carnival style food, face painting and lots of singing and musical entertainment and an auction.

For the auction we had some beautiful paintings that were donated as well as weekend getaways, sports memorabilia and expensive wine. By far the most amazing item was the jewelry that a local jeweler commissioned for us. Sue donated thai rubies – they are a bit different than the rubies most people are used to, they have more of a purplish red hue instead of the blood red. The jeweler, Charles Greig, set the stones with some small diamonds and used rose gold and voila, we had ourselves a very GORGEOUS, very expensive necklace and earrings set. Sue and Leigh decided that the best way to show case the jewelry was if someone wore it. I immediately jumped at the chance to wear this exquisite jewelry.

Any one want to take a guess how much they think this is worth?

R10,000? Keep dreaming, no way. There are 14 rubies and little diamonds equal to 1 carat and gold.

R25,000? Not even close. Charles Greig is a very established jeweler.

R40,000? That was just the reserve price.

Ladies and gentlemen, this delicately beautiful jewelry is valued at R85,000. I was wearing R85,000 worth of jewelry. I felt like a princess. But my fairytale was short lived – the organizer of the day decided she didn’t want anyone to wear the jewelry so I had to take it off after only a couple hours. I went back to being a normal girl that can’t even pretend to afford something like that.

Or can I? The day went well, we had a fair amount of people show up and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The auction went well but I was nervous the whole time hoping that we had enough high rollers in the vicinity to get a fair price for the paintings and other things, especially the jewelry. Well, there wasn’t quite the response we were hoping for and the bids for the jewelry didn’t even get as high as the reserve so we took it out of the auction.

A plan was made and we’ve decided that we’ll sell raffle tickets and in a couple months, we’ll hold a drinks or dinner party for the big pull. 1000 tickets for R100 each and you too can have a chance to own this amazing set. That, I think I will take my chances on. The odds may not be in my favor but I’m sure I’ll be able to spare a few hundred rand for a chance to own this amazing piece. I’ve already worn it, it fit perfectly and maybe, just maybe my fairytale could come true. Although I’m really not sure I would know what to do with that asset in my name. But I can dream.

Back to reality though… the important thing is that this is all benefiting Phedišang and the kids that are struggling to eat enough and get enough love in their lives. It was a good day, we made some good contacts and hopefully even more great things are coming for our kids and the communities they live in.

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