Thursday, May 22, 2008

rocks and rockers

Did I mention that my birthstone is the ruby?

500 raffle tickets are being sold for R200 each. I think I’ll buy 1 and ask for a couple for my birthday. This reminds me of a time back when I was working as a Resident Director for Western State. I went to a res life conference and they had all these furniture and other dorm necessity reps there. At one point I passed a guy that had a glider rocking chair on display. I sat down and was in immediate heaven. Just my luck, they were raffling off that chair later that evening. I was the first person to put my card in. AND I WON! To this day, that is the only piece of furniture I own, that and a butterfly shaped coffee table one of my friends made for me (thanks Erik – I still have it). I just knew deep down inside that rocker was destined to be favorite piece of furniture.

Maybe if I believe enough, the same will come true for me and this jewelry set.

What’s really cool is that regardless of who gets to walk home with the jewelry, Phedišang will make R100,000 once all 500 tickets are sold. That’s almost 2 months of operations for us. We also have an 18 month wall calendar/family organizer for sale for R200. Beautiful pictures of the kids and some volunteers and good through Dec 2009. Let me know if you’re interested in either!! (exchange rate is roughly R7.5 to $1)

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