Sunday, March 21, 2010

a little bit of home for breakfast

Ever since my friend Chris W posted an article about breakfast tacos from Texas on FB, I've been craving them. Last week we decided to have a mexican food night so I made a batch of tortillas - the best I've made yet, due to the overlooked ingredient that isn't included in the PeaceCorps cookbook tortilla recipe, Baking Powder. They turned out amazing this time around and we had a ton of tortillas to last us through the week. So Saturday morning, I got up early, prepared some guacamole and pico and warmed up the left over refried beans. Jason got up in time to cook the bacon and eggs while the tortillas were warming and then we sat down to enjoy a feast of potato and egg and bacon and refried bean tacos with guac and pico on the side. It was amazing and gave us plenty of energy to plan ultimate frisbee later in the day!

Now that I've perfected my tortillas recipe, the next step is to make homemade refried beans. That should be fun, as long as I can find the right kind of beans here. Any suggestions or recipes to offer would be much appreciated!

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