Monday, August 13, 2007

bad mandel bread

August 13, 2007 bad mandel bread

Not really sure what I was thinking but I decided to make mandel bread. I’m not really sure I’ve ever seen or eaten mandel bread before. I was craving some bread – not the dull brown bread loaf that you get in the village and I had all the ingredients for this recipe. The recipe is from Nana Tillye’s (Jason’s grandmother) recipe book. She was Jewish and I was feeling a bit nostalgic for something homey and comforting. So I’m waiting for it to get lightly brown but it doesn’t look like much has changed. I’m thinking maybe I should have gone for something I actually knew what the outcome was supposed to look like. This is why I like cook books with pictures. Maybe it will taste good at least. We’ll see.

And after sitting her trying to figure out what else I could tell you, I realize that there just isn’t that much to tell. For the last 5 days I was sick and spent most of my days in bed going through 2 toilet paper rolls and a box of tissues. There was a brief intermission when 2 other PCV’s dropped by for a surprise visit on Saturday. Kristina and Jean were staying in a town relatively close and drove up for a couple hours. Besides Tanya and the other volunteers that live within 20 minutes of me, they are the first of my friends to come out of their way. It was nice to show them my home and hear the contrasts between their sites and mine. They were a bit shocked at how rural I am and I won’t lie, I swelled with a bit of pride while we were discussing it.

The rest of my bed ridden days were consumed mostly with watching season 1 and 2 of Grey’s Anatomy. My mother was wonderful and brought me those for my birthday. And I now have watched them all over again. Yes, every single episode including all the bonus material. And now I am still eager to find out if Meredith chose McDreamy or McVet. I have no idea – and no one better spoil it for me either. As soon as Season 3 comes out, I have begged my mother to get it for me so I can catch up and then be tortured for another 10 months until the next seasons comes out on DVD. Yes, I know that you can watch the episodes on the internet but only if you live in the states. If you live abroad it won’t let you. I tried that already!

And the verdict on the bread…it’s not good. I really don’t know what else to say. A little disappointing and not the comfort food I was craving. Oh well. One day I’ll get someone to show me how to make it. I feel as though I let Nana down. Hopefully the fried chicken recipe I’ll try next will turn out better!

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