Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Year's Eve

The build up.

The only thing I hadn't finished was my vows and it was the day before the wedding! Yes, I am a procrastinator, always have been but much improved these days. All my cousins and siblings went to the Bacardi Factory in the morning but I stayed back, needing a few hours to myself to stay calm and crank out the words to confess my everlasting love for Jason. Success and just in time to shower and help prepare for the Welcome Party at the apartment at 1pm. Hotard guests mingled and got to know each other a bit before the wedding. At one point, Mom made us all gather in a circle and everyone had to introduce themselves and say how they knew the bride/groom. It was actually really nice to hear from everyone and it turned out we know a lot of lawyers!

Jason, Rickey and Paul

My beautiful niece Ana
Mary Alice and others at the party - thanks Mom and Dad!

Off to the hotel to change and get ready for the Rosenfeld Welcome Dinner - a chance for the Rosenfeld guests to meet and mingle. Dinner was at Pamela's, in my opinion, one of the BEST places to eat in the San Juan area. Right on the water between Isla Verde and Viejo San Juan in an area called the Ocean Park. Delicious food, good wine and great conversations. Jason's dad made him get up and give an impromptu speech and introduce everyone around the tables - thankfully he remembered everyone's name. It was a really nice evening.

Adam and Jason sitting down waiting for dinner

Fish and yumminess!

What everyone wished they ordered - this steak was amazing!

Divine dessert - thanks Jason's parents for having this dinner!

Back to the hotel to meet all the guests for the New Year's celebration. We took over the downstairs hotel bar and lounge of Alfredo's Restaurant - no cover so we could drink together and be merry. It turned out to be the perfect setting and then right before midnight we all walked out to the boardwalk (site of the ceremony the next day) and counted down to the stroke of midnight. Sparklers, noise makers fun hats and dirty martinis - it was perfect. A kiss from my husband to be and after saying goodnight to everyone I was whisked up to Elysia's room with most of the bridesmaids to continue the celebration with the ladies. The party still went on and from our 12th floor balcony I wished everyone below a very happy new year. The 3 dirty martinis were wonderfully tasty but the next morning I realized that maybe 2 should have been my limit. I'm sure the numerous shots and champagne at 3am didn't help much either.

My mom Nita, Jason's mom Ann Marie (yes, another one in the family), Jennifer, and Jason's dad Charles

Scott, Jason's brother and Jason

Jason, Katie's husband Paul, Jamie my cousin and Rickey

if you see all the pics from the evening you'll notice that I have a dirty martini in every one of them!

Jason and his good friends Chris Burns and Dee Clark (most of these pics are his, great eye!)

The Hotard's!

My best girl friends (most of them): Aasta, Elysia, Kristen, Tait & Kristina

Midnight Kiss!

Elysia and I woke up to find a beautiful day reaching into grab us. The skies had cleared and there was no more rain to be seen - just a few clouds and the beautiful blue sky. It was destined to be a good day.

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