Saturday, November 20, 2010


Finally, after way too many months, we found a solid group of people that we quickly determined were going to be our good friends here in Zim. HIFA was the turning point for us and it drastically changed our quality of life. Having genuinely good people to hang out with and relate to makes a huge difference in truly enjoying a place you ultimately call home.

There are quite a few restaurants to try out in Zim, most being mediocre at best but it's something fun to do. Dinners out with a group of friends is a multiple hour affair (as it should be) and more often than not, we are the last group sitting around a table at 10:30, while the entire restaurant staff tries not to show their impatience when all they want to do is close up shop and go home. There are a few ethnic restaurants that people operate our of their homes - a sketchy Thai place and delicious Ethiopian spot run by a very sweet woman, who offers a full menu plus the traditional coffee ceremony at the end, complete with popcorn.

Rachel and Debbie


Sam and Sofia

As there isn't much to actually do in Harare, we end up hanging out at people's houses a lot. Despite winter being under way, we hosted a few Friday night braais (BBQ's to those who don't know the lingo) and a Sunday brunch, just to enjoy hanging out with good people.

Craig trying to pierce Rachel's tongue...she lost a bet about baked beans...there may have been alcohol involved!

Ursula and Josh...they're now engaged!

Will and Leila


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