Saturday, November 20, 2010


July 12
We got a dog! We talked about it for so long and kept telling ourselves that once we had a little more security, we would get one. It's all I could think about and my 30th birthday was coming up so we decided now (then) was as good a time as any. 2 days before my big day, we went out to the Friends Animal Foundation to check out their puppies. There were tons of dogs at the gate to greet us when we showed up and a fat cat even tried to stow away in the car. When it came time to pick one, I froze. All of a sudden the decision seemed overwhelming. I've never had a dog in my life and all of sudden this huge feeling of responsibility came crashing down and I didn't know what to do. Thank God Jason was there - he took one look at me and saw the tears welling up in my eyes and made the decision. He found the cutest one, with the strongest personality and said we'll take her. And she's the best thing to happen to us this year (well, besides getting married).

On the ride home we tried out a bunch of different names but the one that stuck was Leelu. My favorite movie is The 5th Element and when Jason suggested it, it just seemed perfect. Leelu Multipass Rosenfeld

Getting warm after her first bath.

Naughty! She's not supposed to be on the bed and snuck up there when I wasn't looking. So cute, it was hard to get mad at her.

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