Saturday, November 20, 2010


Heather and Theresa finished their Peace Corps tour and traveled to Mozambique, Malawi and ended their COS trip in Zimbabwe, hanging out with us. We toured all the cafes in Harare (the most exciting thing to do in Harare) while Jason worked and had some delicious food at Doon Estates (a nice but expensive place to shop). Monkeys will always fascinate us but someone recently equated them to the squirrels we have at home…good analogy but still, monkeys are way more exotic and fun!
We took a weekend trip to visit the Great Zimbabwe - the stone ruins that have been around since 1100AD. Many skeptic Rhodesians will tell you that there is no way the black Zimbabweans built it but that is just evidence of how deep the racism/hate goes…we've been apart of many of those conversations and it's exhausting. So much so that we eventually had to distance ourselves from those type of people to avoid those types of conversations. It's a shame. Anyway, the ruins are really cool and an interesting Must-See if visiting Zimbabwe.

It was a fun weekend and it was great having the girls around.

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